Betika Na Community Foundation Launches Borehole in Makueni County, Advocates for Clean Water as a Fundamental Human Right

Makueni County, Kenya- June 14, 2024: Mituvu residents in Makueni County will now access clean water for domestic use thanks to Betika Na Community Foundation – the social investment arm of Betika, having drilled a borehole with a yield of 14 cubic meters of water aimed at improving the resident’s lifelines.

Betika Na Community Foundation invested over 10 million into the sinking of the Mituvu borehole as part of its wider effort to support vulnerable communities across the country. The borehole comes fully equipped with solar panels to power water extraction and distribution. Betika has over the years remained committed to support communities to access sufficient, safe, physically accessible, and affordable water for personal and domestic use.

The borehole comes as a relief to the community particularly women and school-going children, who previously had to travel long distances to draw water from unsupervised water points while paying exorbitantly for the precious commodity.

In Kenya, Makueni County is classified under the Arid and Semi-Arid locations (ASAL) that faces dire rainfall shortage which makes access to clean water a challenge.

A report by UNICEF shows that nearly half of rural Kenyans lack access to basic water services, with many relying on unsafe surface water to meet their daily needs. Additionally, seven per cent of health facilities in the country either use water from an improved source that is more than 500 meters from the facility, use an unimproved source or have no water source at all.

Speaking at the launch of the borehole, Mutua Mutava, Betika Managing Director stated, “We are incredibly proud of this project and the positive impact it will have on the community. Access to clean water is essential for life and by harnessing the power of solar energy, we are making strides towards a more sustainable and equitable future. In our rural communities, many still face daily challenges in obtaining this basic resource. By supporting them, we can help improve their health, dignity, and overall quality of life. It’s not just a drop in the ocean; it’s a wave of hope for humanity.”

Mutua Mutava also mentioned that Betika Na Community is dedicated to fostering collaboration between the brand, county governments, and other development partners to tackle water shortages in various counties. This commitment includes investing in the water sector, rehabilitating existing water projects like sand dams, water pans, and boreholes, completing unfinished water projects, and enhancing the proper management of current water sources.

“We are immensely grateful for this transformative borehole project. The water scarcity situation is severe, but the installation of the new borehole is expected to solve many challenges in agriculture and healthcare. The borehole will provide water to Mituvu primary and secondary schools, the Mituvu health care center, the chief’s camp, and the surrounding community of Mituvu. We are grateful to Betika and the Chairperson Dr. Jane Makau for their timely intervention. This is a huge relief to thousands of households and service facilities here,” stated the Chief Mr. James Juma

“Betika, thank you for this initiative. I hope that this gesture is part of a broader commitment from you to sustainable development and community empowerment. Moving forward, I hope other corporates replicate this successful model in other regions and provide clean water and renewable energy to underserved communities countrywide. The addition of solar panels will ensue that there is consistent water supply even with limited access to electricity. I am happy I accepted this invite because I have witnessed a tremendous initiative for the people of Mituvu”, said Dr. Jane Makau, Chairperson BCLB.

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