Nairobi, February 17th, 2024 – Kenya Breweries Limited, through it’s the No.1 best selling International Gin brand Gordon’s, held it’s 3rd edition of the Gordon’s Funfair. The event came to life at the Ngong Racecourse Grounds, where the waterfront grounds were transformed into a haven of good vibes, elite consumer experiences, live music, and games this past weekend, during the highly anticipated Gordon’s Fun Fair “Uncoupled Edition.”

Introduced in 2022, The Gordon’s Fun Fair, is a one-off it’s kind event designed to bring out inner playfulness and create immersive experiences for consumers. This year’s “Uncoupled Edition” took the brand’s “Shall We…?” campaign to new heights by providing attendees with experiential zones that fostered connections among like minded individuals.

The Fun Fair once again captivated attendees with an elevated experience,
featuring stellar performances by amazing live bands the Juxe Box who thrilled consumers to electrifying performances along with Charisma, Ayrosh, Mutoria as well as the Untamed Band. Elite Kenyan DJs graced the stage including DJ CNG & Dream, DJ CNG, DJ Red Bone, DJ Grauchi, G. Money, and DJ UV.

The magnetic MC duo, BV Accurate and the charismatic Amina, served as the lively hosts for the event, engaging consumers throughout the night and contributing to the overall electric atmosphere.

On the grounds, attendees were immersed in interactive zones where they had the opportunity to Savor and enjoy Gordon’s cocktails. Additionally, the event brought to life the essence of Gordon’s commitment to fostering connections and creating memorable moments for its consumers through playuful zones where consumers got to engaged in an array of activities.

“At Gordon’s, we believe in know that life can be heavy and rarely do people take time to connect with friends and just relax. The world can be fast paced and we tend to postpone taking time to relax and unwind. The Fun Fair Uncoupled Edition goes beyond entertainment; it’s a testament to our commitment to fostering connections and creating vibrant spaces where people can come together, celebrate, and make memories. As we witnessed the positive energy and enthusiasm from our attendees,
it reaffirms our belief in the importance of bringing people together and enriching the communities we serve. This event is not just about fun; it’s about building lasting relationships and making a meaningful difference whilst giving consumers permission to inject levity in their lives albeit momentarily.” Zipporah Ndung’u, Senior Brand Manager, EABL.

The success of the Gordon’s Fun Fair “Uncoupled Edition” marks another milestone in Kenya Breweries Limited’s dedication to creating unforgettable experiences and whilst celebrating our consumers.

Africa Food Prize 2024 Call for Nominations Now Open

  • Awardees stand to earn US$100,000
  • H. E Jakaya Kikwete leads the Africa Food Prize committee
  • Prize seeks nominations from fields such as technology, education, and policy advocacy

Nairobi, 19th February 2024: Africa Food Systems Prize opens nominations process for 2024

In recognition of the remarkable achievements and innovations within the
African Food Systems sector, the prestigious Africa Food Prize has announced the opening of nominations for its 2024 edition. This esteemed award celebrates individuals and organizations driving positive change and
promoting sustainable food systems across the continent.

The Africa Food Prize, is a symbol of excellence in the agricultural and food systems sectors, honoring outstanding contributions to food security,
agricultural development, and economic growth in Africa.

With each passing year, the prize continues to shine a spotlight on visionaries who are revolutionizing the way food is produced, distributed, and consumed, ultimately improving the lives of millions.

Nominations for the Africa Food Prize 2024 are now being accepted, inviting individuals, institutions, and initiatives that have made significant strides in enhancing food security, promoting agricultural sustainability, and fostering innovation to submit their entries.

The prize recognizes efforts ranging from research and technological
advancements to policy advocacy and grassroots initiatives, all of which
contribute to building a more resilient and inclusive food system across Africa.

H. E Jakaya Kikwete, Chairman of the Africa Food Prize Committee,
emphasized the importance of recognizing and celebrating the unsung
heroes who are at the forefront of Africa’s agricultural transformation. In a
statement, HE Kikwete remarked, “The Africa Food Prize serves as a platform to honor those whose dedication and ingenuity are driving progress towards a hunger-free Africa. As we open the call for nominations for the 2024 edition, we look forward to uncovering remarkable stories of resilience, innovation, and impact that are shaping the future of food on our continent.”

The Africa Food Prize seeks nominations from all corners of the continent, spanning diverse fields such as farming, agribusiness, research, education, and policy advocacy. Nominees will be evaluated based on their demonstrated impact, sustainability, scalability, and potential to inspire positive change within their communities and beyond. All nominations are reviewed using the Africa Food Prize criteria that assesses a program’s contribution to poverty reduction and nutrition security as well as improvement of livelihoods through employment and job creation.

Previous recipients of the Africa Food Prize include pioneers in agriculture, entrepreneurs, scientists, and policymakers who have spearheaded transformative initiatives, from promoting climate-smart farming practices to empowering smallholder farmers and enhancing market access for agricultural products.

I&M Bank Eastleigh Branch Opening

I&M Bank Kenya is pleased to announce the successful launch of its newest branch in the vibrant business area of Eastleigh.
The grand opening ceremony, held at the Business Bay Mall on Thursday, February 1st, 2024, marked a significant milestone for the bank as it expands its presence to better serve the dynamic needs of the community.
Hon. Yusuf Hassan, Member of Parliament representing the Kamukunji Constituency, graced the event as the guest of honor.

Kushite ICP HOSTS Inter-University Hackathon in a bid to support students to explore innovative projects built on the Internet Computer (ICP) platform

Nairobi,Kenya 15th February 2024… We are thrilled to announce an action-packed February for the ICP community. The spotlight of the month is on the ongoing Inter-University Hackathon, which is set to end on March 15, 2024. The hackathon, which kicked off in January,  has brought together over 700 talented students from different learning institutions across the East African region. So far, developers from 12 top universities are currently engaged in a fierce battle as they showcase a wide variety of innovative projects built on the Internet Computer (ICP) platform. The participants have brought their A-game, as they challenge their creative minds and harness the transformative power of ICP to create groundbreaking projects that push the boundaries of decentralized computing.

Speaking during the hackathon event, Kushite ICP CEO, Yvonne Kagondu said, “The ongoing competition is not just about engaging developers in a battle of wits; it’s about tackling real-world issues with creativity and technical skill. The enlisted projects currently in development span various domains, showcasing the versatility and potential applications of decentralised computing, with respect to solving existing socio-economic challenges.”

The Hub encourages tech enthusiasts, industry professionals, and the wider public to follow the progress of the ongoing hackathon, leading up to the eagerly anticipated project presentation on March 15th. The event promises to unveil a diverse array of innovative solutions, each addressing real-world challenges in unique and impactful ways.

Beyond the hackathon, Kushite has curated a month-long series of workshops, webinars, and networking events throughout February, emphasizing the company’s dedication to fostering innovation, collaboration, and community engagement.

My First YouTube Video

Hello my name is Dominic Gichane and I would like to take a little bit of your time and read the story behind my first ever YouTube video.

My YouTube channel also shares my name, Dominic Gichane. Fell free to browse it.

The video is about a car, the Chevrolet Cruze. There were 6 cars to be won by customers who bought Microsoft smartphones back in 2015.

I used a Panasonic Lumix camera to film this video. A camera I had received as a Christmas gift and I still own today.


This event happened at the museum of Kenya in Nairobi. The winners however were announces at the Sarit centre mall in Westlands, Nairobi.

Win A Chevrolet Cruze Courtesy Microsoft East Africa (CLOSED)

Who Won?

Kennedy Ngige 35, a truck driver based in Kitale in Western Kenya, was perhaps the most doubtful of the winners and only yielded to the insistence by the Microsoft team notifying him of the win.

“I thought it was a hoax. I doubted the authenticity of the phone call and actually thought it was an attempt to defraud me. I had to go to the shop to verify before I could believe it,” said Ngige.

Presenting the cars to the winners, Microsoft Mobile Devices General Manager Mariam Abdullahi said, “We are indeed happy to fulfil our promise with the presentation of this unique salon cars to users that have gone ahead to achieve more and increase their productivity with our Lumia devices. I hope a lot more people will be inspired by this”.

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Welcome to Techsawa.co.ke

This domain has been sitting idle since 2015. Why?

Because I didn’t want anyone else to buy it since I also own the www.techsawa.com domain. So I didn’t want anyone to extort me into buying this domain from them. The suffix .co.ke also tells you that I am from Kenya.

It is now April 2020 and I am reviving this domain and I will use it as my YouTube Channel landing page as well as give you information about starting and running your own YouTube channel.

As a landing page I will tell you the stories behind my YouTube videos as well as give you some additional information. Also having been creating YouTube videos since 2014, I will give you advice on ow to start and run your channel. I will tell you of the mistakes that I have made along the way and some useful insights of what I have learnt so far.

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