Kushite ICP HOSTS Inter-University Hackathon in a bid to support students to explore innovative projects built on the Internet Computer (ICP) platform

Nairobi,Kenya 15th February 2024… We are thrilled to announce an action-packed February for the ICP community. The spotlight of the month is on the ongoing Inter-University Hackathon, which is set to end on March 15, 2024. The hackathon, which kicked off in January,  has brought together over 700 talented students from different learning institutions across the East African region. So far, developers from 12 top universities are currently engaged in a fierce battle as they showcase a wide variety of innovative projects built on the Internet Computer (ICP) platform. The participants have brought their A-game, as they challenge their creative minds and harness the transformative power of ICP to create groundbreaking projects that push the boundaries of decentralized computing.

Speaking during the hackathon event, Kushite ICP CEO, Yvonne Kagondu said, “The ongoing competition is not just about engaging developers in a battle of wits; it’s about tackling real-world issues with creativity and technical skill. The enlisted projects currently in development span various domains, showcasing the versatility and potential applications of decentralised computing, with respect to solving existing socio-economic challenges.”

The Hub encourages tech enthusiasts, industry professionals, and the wider public to follow the progress of the ongoing hackathon, leading up to the eagerly anticipated project presentation on March 15th. The event promises to unveil a diverse array of innovative solutions, each addressing real-world challenges in unique and impactful ways.

Beyond the hackathon, Kushite has curated a month-long series of workshops, webinars, and networking events throughout February, emphasizing the company’s dedication to fostering innovation, collaboration, and community engagement.

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